Admission Process


Every effort is made to ensure that people are completely happy with their decision to move into Godswell Park, and from the home’s perspective, that we are the right home with the right equipment to meet their needs.

We not only encourage prospective residents to visit Godswell Park for a look around, but also to join us for lunch prior to making a decision.

Once the choice has been made to join us at Godswell Park, a senior and experienced nurse will carry out an assessment, usually in the comfort of the person’s own home but, if necessary, in a hospital or other establishment. This assessment will ensure a stress-free, well-managed and organised arrival at Godswell Park, meaning that any required equipment can be in place prior to admission.


Your time of arrival will be mutually agreed, and transport arranged if necessary. Your room will be prepared with fresh flowers, and hospitality offered to you and anyone accompanying you.

Prior to your admission we will have established who your named nurse and key worker will be.  Named nurses and key workers are carefully selected from senior members of staff, and are usually (but not always) people who are on duty at the time of your admission, and who you will see regularly throughout your stay.

Admission documentation

As with many things, there is a great deal of information we need to gather prior to, at or very soon after admission, to ensure we care for you exactly as you wish to be cared for. This means you will be asked a number of questions.    Such information will be gathered sensitively but with attention to detail.

Staff you will meet on or soon after admission

All of our staff wear name badges and the nurse on duty in the area where your room is located will introduce him or herself, although this will not necessarily be your named nurse.

You will also meet a number of care staff, one of whom is likely to be your key worker.

You will be visited by a member of our catering team, not only to offer refreshments on arrival, but also to discuss likes and dislikes, allergies, particular dietary needs, and what food you are particularly fond of.

One of our activities staff will also call in to welcome you, and discuss particular hobbies and interests you have.   Our social programme is very varied and caters for the huge number of interests and hobbies that our residents share.

“Both residents and staff couldn’t have done more to make me welcome.”