How We Care For You

Care planning

Care is planned with regard to current research and good practice guidelines. Staff will begin to plan your care from the moment you decide Godswell Park is for you. Information gathered during your visit to us and during the assessment will provide the foundations, whilst other details gathered directly, or indirectly, over the following few days, will all contribute to staff ensuring that your care plan is completely personalised and individual. The concept of our care is based upon proven nursing models. We are committed to making sure your care plan is person-centred (and not written to describe the tasks undertaken by staff), and reflect the attention to detail you deserve. Once staff are confident they have correctly ascertained your likes, dislikes and preferences, you will be asked to read and sign your care plans.

Similarly, as and when changes occur, you will be kept fully informed, and again asked to sign any changes. You are most welcome to read your care plans at any time: you only have to ask a member of staff.


It is important to us that we care for you as you wish to be cared for. It is also vital that we do not remove abilities and skills from you, just because you have chosen Godswell Park as your home. We therefore ensure that we have your permission to provide your care. In certain instances you will be asked to sign consent forms in relation to the use of certain pieces of equipment, for example bed rails, which may be viewed as restricting your choices. Rest assured, such equipment is only used to maintain people’s safety, after full discussion and risk assessment.

Ongoing care

We ensure that everyone is cared for with attention to dignity, respect, choice and maintaining their rights.


The home is furnished with state of the art furniture and fittings, for example, specialist electrically-controlled beds with mattresses appropriate for each resident’s specific needs.

In addition, care equipment such as hoists and specialist baths are available, and by carrying out rigorous pre-admission assessments we are able to ensure that we meet the needs of each one of our residents.


Subject to a risk assessment, residents are able to handle and control their own medication; however where this is not possible nurses administer items in a timely manner, appropriately and sensitively.

Risk assessments, accident & falls prevention

Each person is assessed to ascertain their risk of falls, so that any preventative action can be taken.

Risk assessments are carried out to ensure that we do not restrict our residents, but to ensure their safety is maintained.

General Practitioner

Unless you retain (with their agreement) your own GP we register all residents with the Bloxham Surgery which is located very close to the care home. One of their doctors visits on Tuesday afternoons but other appointments can usually be arranged quickly when needed.

Physiotherapy, occupational & other therapies

We are happy to make arrangements should you require any therapy during your stay with us. If arranged on a private basis, charges will be incurred, however this will be fully discussed prior to the therapy commencing.

Concerns, complaints & protection

Despite everything that we do to provide an environment that is secure but also one in which the residents will feel at home, cared for and supported, we are aware and appreciate that residents may become dissatisfied from time to time. If a situation arises where a resident or their relative or friend may have cause for dissatisfaction or have a concern which they feel has not been addressed, we:

  • provide a simple, clear and accessible complaints procedure.
  • take all necessary action to protect residents’ legal rights.
  • make all possible efforts to protect residents from every sort of abuse.

Quality Audits

We monitor quality throughout the home on an ongoing basis, and audit the results monthly.

In addition, an external consultant is employed to carry out independent annual audits to ensure our residents are completely satisfied with the service. Any areas identified for improvement are incorporated into an action plan which is dealt with by the manager and directors.

Questionnaires are regularly sent out to residents, visitors and staff to ascertain their views of the home.

End of life care

At Godswell Park staff are skilled and sensitive in the provision of care towards the end of a person’s life. We endeavour to satisfy any wishes expressed. We make absolutely sure everyone is afforded the dignity, respect and comfort during peaceful final stages of life.

Department of Health logo

I am writing to congratulate you and your team on the exceptional quality of care at Godswell Park that has come together to mean that you were rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission in all five inspection areas.

From visiting organisations throughout the country, I know the immense amount of day to day hard work that will have been behind this outcome cannot be underestimated. It is greatly appreciated, not just by me, but by all who will be benefiting as a result.

It should be particularly pleasing to you to have been recognised for you outstanding safety, care, effectiveness, responsiveness and leadership.

Please pass on my personal congratulations and thanks to everyone who has made this happen.

Yours Sincerely,

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
Secretary of State for Health

“Everyone so dedicated to their work and always smiling.”

“Everything is so good and superior to any other care home I have visited.”