Our Beliefs


At Godswell Park, we want to assist each resident to achieve his or her potential capacity, i.e. physical, emotional, intellectual and social, in all aspects of their lives.   We will seek to assist each resident by:

  • gaining, as fully as each resident wishes, knowledge about their personal history and characteristics.
  • providing a range of activities that are designed to suit and stimulate the resident’s abilities and interests.
  • respecting and encouraging our residents’ religious beliefs and facilitating worship through visits by ministers of various denominations to the home or by assisting residents to attend places of worship according to their ability.
  • respecting the individuality of each resident
  • respecting our residents’ religious, ethnic and cultural diversity.


All residents entrusted to our care at Godswell Park will be afforded the dignity and self respect that is their right. We ensure respect for our residents by:

  • recognising and treating each resident as an individual and, as such,  particular talents, sensitivities and beliefs will be respected and taken into account by all staff who work in the home.
  • assisting residents in presenting themselves to others as they themselves would wish through their behaviour and their personal appearance.
  • offering a range of opportunities that will enable each resident to express themselves as individuals.
  • ensuring that age or the effects of disability should not be the cause of any resident feeling stigmatised: we will do our best to ensure that the intrinsic values of each resident are maintained and, where necessary, offset any perceived undermining of personal dignity.
  • always knocking on doors prior to entering people’s bedrooms and private areas.


At Godswell Park we recognise it is essential that residents are allowed to exercise the right of choice within the overall setting of community living.
We will facilitate this by:

  • ensuring all staff enable each resident to express their wishes, desires and preferences.
  • providing an environment where risk-taking is accepted as the norm (subject to the appropriate assessments), is positively encouraged and fully discussed with each resident.
  • ensuring every opportunity will be sought where necessary to maximise the use of external agencies to provide advocacy and support for those residents who are unable to make their own informed decisions.
  • providing, as tactfully as possible, assistance whether it be human or technical, to maximise our residents’ ability to care for themselves and to carry out daily tasks that they themselves wish to perform.


At Godswell Park all staff are encouraged to be responsive to, and make provision for, expressions of individuality from each resident who lives in the home.

  • Each person is asked on admission how they wish to be addressed. This is fully documented, and adhered to by all staff.
  • We celebrate the individuality of our residents by tailor-making our service to the specific needs, requirements and wishes of each and every one.   Our service emanates from and revolves around our residents, whose wellbeing is paramount, rather than being designed to offer a uniform product for operational ‘efficiency’.


Encouragement is given to all staff to develop knowledge and understanding of each resident’s previous life experiences and to place value upon that knowledge.   We will, however, guard against adopting an intrusive approach to our residents’ life history.

Social interaction and civil rights

At Godswell Park we encourage each resident to enhance their quality of life by offering them the chance to participate in activities outside the confines of the home.  There is an acceptance at all times that residents have the opportunity for emotional expression and the freedom to develop relationships both inside and outside the home. We will ensure this by:

  • encouraging local community groups to come into the home so that a variety of experiences may be available to our residents.
  • assisting residents to access and where necessary make use of all appropriate NHS and social services and claim welfare benefits as well as making use of public services such as libraries and further education.
  • facilitating residents to contribute to the community of the home and locally by helping each other and participating in groups within and beyond the home.
  • enabling residents to participate in local and national elections.

We recognise that social and leisure activities are a key feature of the home and additional resources from the community are used whenever it is thought to be desirable.


At Godswell Park we recognise that it is sometimes difficult to match the fact that our residents are living in a community setting with their desire, on occasions, to enjoy the pleasure of being alone and undisturbed.   Our staff are trained to assist in intimate situations as discreetly as possible.   We ensure the privacy of residents by:

  • ensuring that confidentiality is maintained at all times, in every way, from documentation to telephone conversations, casual chats to therapy visits.
  • offering a variety of sitting rooms throughout the building to enable residents either to be alone or with companions of their choice.
  • helping residents make their rooms as homely as possible while maintaining maximum privacy so that they can entertain themselves or friends and relatives.
  • providing lockable storage space for the safekeeping of personal effects.
  • guaranteeing residents’ privacy when using the telephone in their rooms, opening and reading post and when communicating with relatives, advocates, other professionals and friends.
  • encouraging residents to furnish their rooms with small items of furniture or personal effects
  • ensuring all information that is held regarding residents’ health and care plans is kept completely confidential and is stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


At Godswell Park we understand that one of the main reasons that residents choose a care home is a desire to move away from a situation which gives them cause for concern or to fear for their safety.  We ensure security by:

  • offering reassurance to our residents that we will provide them with assistance where necessary to minimise their fears, with particular reference to the fear of falling.
  • undertaking to protect our residents from all forms of abuse, however this might occur.
  • undertaking to seek advice from relevant professional bodies if there is a need to use any form of restraint if this is the only practicable means of securing the welfare of the resident or others and there are exceptional circumstances.    These circumstances will be specifically recorded.
  • ensuring all safety equipment in the home is regularly serviced and staff are trained to use the equipment.
  • providing a complaints procedure that is easily accessed by our residents or by their friends or relatives in the event that any matter gives cause for concern, and fully documented responses are always given following investigation involving the appropriate authorities inside and outside the home.    Further details can be found in the contract of residence.


In the knowledge that freedom of choice is of major importance, we enable this by:

  • supporting residents to manage their own time without the need to adhere to communal timetables as far as possible.
  • offering a choice of meals and locations to eat, together with the ability to choose with whom our residents wish to eat.
  • retaining maximum flexibility within the routines that community living demand – we refrain from treating residents as a homogeneous group and respect individual, eccentric or unusual behaviour.

Our staff

At Godswell Park we acknowledge and are aware that the home’s staff will always play a very important role in residents’ welfare.   To maximise this contribution, we do the following:

  • employ staff in sufficient numbers and with the relevant mix of skills to meet residents’ needs.
  • provide an appropriate number of staff on each shift
  • observe recruitment policies and practices which both respect equal opportunities and protect residents’ safety and welfare.
  • offer our staff a range of training which is relevant to their induction, foundation experience and further development.

Nursing staff

Our team of nurses is supported by a manager who has a vast experience in the care of older people. Nurses are registered with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council), and undergo regular training to ensure their practice is up to date.   Nurses are also encouraged to recognise when members of the multidisciplinary team may offer specialist input.

Care staff

Care staff are carefully selected for their compassion, appreciation for older people and caring nature, as well as their skills, experience and willingness to learn.

Each potential member of care staff undertakes a suitability assessment to ensure they fit the required standards.  Care staff work in teams to ensure continuity of care. They undergo a variety of in-house and external training, as well as ongoing supervision and appraisal.

Hotel Services & Administrative Staff

We employ specialist catering and housekeeping staff so that our nurses and carers can concentrate on the important work of providing your personal care.   Our receptionists and maintenance team are just as involved in ensuring that your environment is kept as you would wish, and our activities team are in charge of arranging a social programme that caters for the varied interests of our residents.


Whichever department is involved, each prospective member of staff undergoes rigorous checks to ensure we employ exactly the right team. As well as completing an application form and obtaining references, the following checks are undertaken:

  • a health check
  • a suitability assessment
  • a suitable disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service

In addition, all new staff are employed for a probationary period during which they are inducted into the necessary skills and training required and mentored by a senior colleague.

“Everyone was so kind and friendly.”

“My care was of an outstanding level and I very much enjoyed my stay.”