Social activities & entertainment

Social activities at Godswell Park are coordinated by the activities team to ensure that a variety of entertainment and social events are organised to suit the interests of our residents, who are encouraged to maintain as full, interesting and meaningful a life as they wish.

The home’s own transport is used for frequent outings, ranging from a local shopping trip to excursions further afield.   Residents are encouraged to pursue and develop interests that attract them, with the theatre and gardening clubs particularly popular.

Family and friends are warmly welcomed to garden parties, barbecues and other activities arranged during the summer months, whilst the winter provides opportunities for more indoor pastimes.

Arrangements are made for those residents who so wish to celebrate Holy Communion or maintain contact with other churches or religions.   The village supports a large number of clubs and associations and residents are encouraged to participate in activities of their choice whether within or outside the home.

The 8 acres of grounds are fully wheelchair accessible and include two ponds with a variety of fish and an array of wildlife.   Our terraces and seating areas are the perfect places to stop for a while or enjoy afternoon tea.

“All of the staff are delightful. Mum is very well cared for.”